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Title: The Way of Archery
Sub-title: A 1637 Chinese Military Training Manual
By (author): Jie Tian, Justin Ma
ISBN10-13: 0764347918 : 9780764347917
Illustrations: 126 colour illus
Format: Hardback
Size: 206x231mm
Pages: 176
Weight: .964 Kg.
Published: Schiffer Publishing Ltd (US) - February   2015
List Price: 38.00 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 10
Subjects: Archery
The Way of Archery provides a detailed introduction to practicing archery in the traditional Chinese military style. It explains the basics of how to shoot using the Asian thumb ring: proper posture, training regimen, equipment, and avoiding pitfalls in shooting. The thorough translation and commentary (with original and new illustrations) provide a fresh and practical perspective on Gao Ying's 1637 archery treatise (which, itself, influenced generations of archers in East Asia). The authors themselves are active practitioners of Chinese archery, having spent an endless amount of time and effort vetting their understanding of this old manual and putting its ideas into practice. Through this process, the authors have been able to make this archery text accessible to modern readers. Not only will the reader come to understand the technical side of the Way of Archery, but will connect with the philosophy and spirit of the ancient Chinese warriors.
About The Author:
Jie Tian and Justin Ma have taught and lectured about traditional Chinese archery at archery events in the USA and elsewhere. At the 2013 Flight Archery Championships, they won gold medals and set benchmark records for the “Modern Asiatic 50#” class.
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