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Title: Hathor Rising
Sub-title: The Secret Power of Ancient Egypt
By (author): Alison Roberts
ISBN10-13: 0952423308 : 9780952423300
Format: Paperback
Size: 185x235mm
Pages: 186
Weight: .510 Kg.
Published: Northgate Publishers (UK) - January   1995
List Price: 13.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 15
Subjects: Ancient Egyptian religion & mythology : Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice : Ancient Egypt
Drawing together temple art, myths, rituals and poetry, "Hathor Rising" reveals a rich tradition of feminine divinity. It explores how the sexual polarity of Hathor and the sun god manifests in the Pharaoh's life' as well as Hathor's connection with Isis and the moon cults. The serpent cult was given a new impetus by Hatshepsut, the innovative female Pharaoh whose remarkable reign, early in the 15th century BC, laid the foundations for the cultural splendour of New Kingdom Egypt. Ecstatic, musical, heart-centred -- the serpent tradition was interrupted only by the reign of Akhenaten who suppressed much of the serpent cult in favour of a trinitarian father god.
About The Author:
Alison Roberts studied ancient Egyptian and Akkadian at the University of Oxford. She completed her doctoral thesis 'Cult Objects of Hathor' in 1984. Since then she has written and lectured on ancient Egypt. She lives in Brighton, England.
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