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Title: à la recherche d'un emploi
Sub-title: Business French in a Communicative Context
By (author): Amy Hubbell
ISBN10-13: 1585108391 : 9781585108398
Format: Paperback
Size: 254x203.2mm
Pages: 274
Weight: .578 Kg.
Published: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. - February   2017
List Price: 52.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 3
Subjects: Language teaching & learning material & coursework : French
À la recherche d'un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context is designed to develop students' vocabulary and cultural knowledge in preparation for working in an international environment. Exceeding the need to learn business structures and practices, most students need business communication skills, including advanced cultural competency. To meet these needs, À la recherche d'un emploi uses authentic materials from Québec and France. Communicative exercises are reality based and task oriented, encouraging a student-centered classroom. The numerous activities in the text elicit natural language use, facilitate vocabulary acquisition, and provide students ample opportunities to create relevant and personalized documents in French. In addition to completing viewing activities from feature-length films and online resources, students examine their personal goals and assess their strengths and weaknesses as they develop a job portfolio. À la recherche d'un emploi promotes learning valuable crossover skills that develop students' French-language aptitude, while also preparing them for the job market in their own country. Edition 1.1 includes a number of corrections as well as updates reflecting changes in French business culture.
"Finally, a textbook for business French that actually prepares students for the real world and today’s tough job market. Amy Hubbell’s À la recherche d’un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context is extremely well designed and planned. The layout of the CV and cover letter activities are clear, clean, and concise and I particularly like the fact that there are comparison activities (i.e., French vs. American vs. Québécois CV) with on-target comprehension questions for reading selections. Students are certain to appreciate the practical nature of this text which is creatively presented in an up-to-date format. Amy Hubbell’s text is a welcome addition to the field." —Eileen M. Angelini, PhD, Professor of French, Fulbright Scholar, Chair of the AATF National Commission on French for Business and Economic Purposes, Department of Modern Languages, Canisius College
"Quel ouvrage stimulant et rafraîchissant. À la recherche d’un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context, invite littéralement à la découverte du monde des affaires de la francophonie internationale. Cet ouvrage offre à tout étudiant intéressé l’occasion d’acquérir une excellente compréhension et les connaissances essentielles, pour jouer éventuellement un rôle actif dans le milieu francophone des affaires. L’approche que propose le professeur Amy Hubbell, par les thèmes traités, le contenu (vocabulaire, vidéos, exercices), mais surtout ce concept d’apprentissage innovateur (actions \ rétroactions), amènent l’étudiant ou le lecteur au-delà de la théorie, donc littéralement dans la pratique et les enjeux que représentent le milieu des affaires de la francophonie d’aujourd’hui, dans un contexte de globalisation des marchés." —Damien Ferland, Directeur, Centre du savoir sur mesure, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
"À la recherche d’un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context definitely fills a tremendous void in the field of business French. With a wealth of information and activities, this textbook provides students and instructors with an engaging and in-depth introduction to the major aspects of using French in a professional context. Of particular interest is the incorporation of la Francophonie and the European Union, two critical topics rarely presented in other business French textbooks. Anyone intending to seek employment in a French-speaking country or region will benefit greatly from the content and guidance that this text provides." —William Thompson, Associate Professor of French and Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Memphis
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