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Title: Back to the Wine Jug
Sub-title: A Comic Novel in Verse
By (author): Joe Taylor
ISBN10-13: 1944697977 : 9781944697976
Format: Paperback
Pages: 162
Weight: .204 Kg.
Published: Sagging Meniscus Press - June   2020
List Price: 16.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 6
Subjects: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945) : Myth & legend told as fiction
In BACK TO THE WINE JUG, Joe Taylor, author of the comic verse novel PINEAPPLE, returns to the form with a tour de force of wit, erudition, and earthy imagination. Dateline: Hades, the Underworld, where things go bad. But things are going even worse up top with red/blue states, Brexit, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and college football. Diogenes, still toting his lantern in search of one honest (wo)man, is appointed by Lord Hades himself to teleport up to lovely Birmingham, Alabama, and mollify mundial matters, accompanied by his Doberman Pluto and Victoria Woodhull, the suffragette and 1872 presidential candidate. The trio is on the case to right the world's confusion. But, Lord H. being a consomméed plot-thickener, they find themselves followed in the transporter by commie-hating troublemaker J. Edgar Hoover....
About The Author:
Joe Taylor is the author of the novels BACK TO THE WINE JUG: A COMIC NOVEL IN VERSE, PINEAPPLE, Oldcat & Ms. Puss: A Book of Days for You and Me and LET THERE BE LITE, OR, HOW I CAME TO KNOW AND LOVE GÖDEL'S INCOMPLETENESS PROOF, as well as a book of stories, GHOSTLY DEMARCATIONS: STORIES. He is the director of Livingston Press at the University of West Alabama.
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