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    Title: A Cunning Man's Grimoire
    Sub-title: A Sixteenth Century Grimoire
    Edited by: Dr Stephen Skinner, David Rankine
    ISBN10-13: 1912212102 : 9781912212101
    This manuscript is a grimoire, a manual of practical magic, a sorcerer’s handbook. It is a composite grimoire drawn from a number of different sources. It is not the sort of grimoire which has a complete method of calling up a set register of spirits, like the Goetia, nor does it have a wide range of pentacles or talismans like the Key of Solomon. It is however quite special as it was also was a practising Cunning man's grimoire, a very interesting blend of learned and local village magic. It also contains a lot of critical astrological information (including its own set of astrological tables) which are an important part of magic, but which don’t feature to a large extent in other grimoires. It goes way beyond Planetary days and hours, to detailed aspects of timing and also contains magical operations connected with the 28 Mansions of the Moon and image magic, which were usually absent from Solomonic grimoires. The 28 Mansions of the Moon belong to a different magical tradition which owes its origins to Arabic and Indian roots, rather than the Greek roots of Solomonic magic. This manuscript literally stands at the crossroads of several different magical streams.
    Table of Contents:
    "List of Illustrations 12 List of Tables 13 Acknowledgements 14 Introduction 15 Preliminary Preparation & Prayers The Secret of Secrets 31 Of the Angells & their Power 31 Man’s Power over Spirits 32 Preface with Directions & Aphorisms 32 Astrological Timing of the Operation 35 That the holy Angells may helpe thee in thyne occasions 37 Making a Pentacle to hold in thy hand 39 The figure of a Pentacle & how to keep it 40 An Narration to the 7 Planetary Angells of the 7 Planetary heavens 41 The Seales & Characters of Angells and Spirits & their Use 42 Experiments 1. An Experiment to have thy owne proper good Angell 43 The Call for thy proper good Angell 48 2. An Experiment of 3 holy Angells: Ancor, Anacor, Analos, 51 Consecration of the Crystall stone or glass 53 3. A most Noble Experiment for the glasse or cristallomanticall Art 57 The Invocation Descend 58 Fumigation for thy selfe 59 4. A true Experiment of 3 Spirits: Durus, Artus, Æbedel 60 An Exhortation to the Artist 62 5. Another Experiment of the 3 horsemen sayd to be approved true 63 License to Depart 65 6. The Experiment of Birto the Spirit 66 License to Depart 67 Admonition to the Artist 68 Astrological & Timing Astrological Considerations 69 Directions for practise for gaining thy owne proper good Angell 70 Of Essentiall Dignities of the Planets 71 Of Essentiall Debilities of the Planets 73 Planetary Hours 74 Table of the Names of each houre in every Day & every Night. 75 Table of the Day of the weeke, Planets, Angells & their Seales. 76 Names of the 4 Seasons 77 Angells of the 4 Seasons 77 Angells of the Head of the Signe of the 4 Seasons 78 Names of the Earth in the 4 Seasons 78 Names of the Sun & Moon in the 4 Seasons 79 Briefe table on the sequence of writing the Names in order 80 Angels & Spirits A Table of Hebrew Names of the 7 Angells set over the 7 Planets. 82 Spirits of each of the 7 Planets. 83 5 Angels & their offices or officiall Names 83 How long each of the 7 Planetary Angels rules the world 84 Things proper to be done in each houre of the Planets. 84 Angels & Spirits of the 12 Signs 85 Angells of the 28 Mansions of the Moon 86 7. An Experiment of Askariell in a glass or cristall 87 Fumigations & Incenses Of Fumigations, Unguents, Collyries & Unctions causing Apparitions 90 A Fumigation for all 7 Angells together 92 A Table of the Fumigations for every Planet & Planetary hour 93 To Consecrate the Fumigation 94 Fumigations of Divers sorts 94 Spirits To gather Spirits together presently 95 To make Spirits dread thee & to see Secret Things 95 To Call all kinds of Spirits that you wilt 95 To have might to binde & loose Spirits 95 Another ointment to see Spirits 96 To see Spirits in the ayre 96 To have friendship of a Prince of Spirits of the Ayre 96 To hide Treasure 97 Of the power & vertue of Fumigations, Sacrifices & Unctions 98 When best to compound Fumigations 101 By what means does fumigation cause spirits to appear with bodys 101 What the Spirits appearing in this world are, according to Hermes 102 To gather Spirits of the ayre together 103 Visions, Oracles, Fumigations, Images, etc. For a Vision, in the night 103 Men shall see Visions. 105 Directions for receiving an Oracle or Vision 105 To make the Ring of ' for receiving an Oracle or true dreame 106 A Ring of ! for an Oracle 107 Another way to receive a true Oracle by the image of the Planets 107 Metalls, trees, stones and herbs of each of the 7 Planets 108 Making of the Images of the Planets 110 To know when any degree of any Signe will come to the Ascendant 112 For an Oracle or true Dreame. 114 8. Another true Experiment for a vision in thy sleepe 117 Mansions of the Moon How to worke by the 28 Mansions 117 What the 28 Mansions of the Moon are 129 A Table of the 28 Mansions of the Moon 129 December’s Observations (an insert) 132 Table of Houses for London, 1644 January-December 133 Table of Terms of the Planets 145 Simple Spells To drive away & consume Locust & Wormes 146 To drive away Serpents, Dragons, & all creeping things & wild beasts 146 To drive away wolves, foxes and cats 147 That haile fall not in a place where you wouldest not have it fall 147 That the ! appear & shyne forth openly on thee 147 To quench fire burning a house 148 That a thiefe enter not into thy house 148 Magical Rings Rings of the 7 Planets but for other purposes 149 This Ring of the ! for honour and a swift horse 149 The Ring of the ; for waterworks, fighting ships & trees bearing fruit 150 The Ring of % for castles & kings doing battle 151 The Ring of # for skill at all kinds of play, favour of Lords & Judges 151 The Ring of & for profit & delivering out of thrall 152 The Ring of $ for love & favour of men and women 152 The Ring of ' for binding tongues & slanderous speeche 152 Characters of the Angels called by the Rings according to the days 153 A Table of this Book (the original Contents table) 155 Bibliography 161 Index 169 "
    David Rankine is an author who has been practising magick for 25 years, and is best known for his lively lectures and workshops. He has been involved with a wide variety of magickal groups and traditions, and draws on his extensive experience to convey the essence of magick in simple terms.
    Pages: 176  Size: 250x176mm  Illustrations: 28 illustrations, 24 tables 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - June   2018
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Occult studies
    List Price: 46.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 225
    Title: 1 of: 18
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    Title: Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui
    By (author): Dr Stephen Skinner
    ISBN10-13: 1912212056 : 9781912212057
    This is the first book in English on Flying Star Feng shui which explains how it compatibly relates to Eight Mansion feng shui, and provides 216 giving lower kua Flying Star charts as well as all of the variant Substitution Star (ti Kua) charts. Although the ‘Flying Stars’ were originally related to the stars of astronomical Big Dipper asterism, in their feng shui usage they are simply terms for changing types of subtle ch’i(qi) energy present in our living environment, our homes, and our workplaces, Flying Stars assumes there is a very reals link between the present time, the time a building was built, its directional orientation, the birthplaces of its occupants and the consequential changing of luck of its occupants. Contrary to popular mis-conception, Flying Star Feng shui is completely compatible with Eight Mansion feng shui. The effects of using Flying Star feng shui correctly can often be impressive and very rapid, often within then days. Flying Star feng shui is one of the components of Hsuan K’ung (Xuan Kong), which is in turn part of the San Yuan School of feng shui, which relies upon the 8 Trigrams Kua (gua) and their combinations. By contrast San He (the other great school of feng shui) relies upon combinations of the 5 Elements (in their yin and yang forms) with the 12 Early Branches, forming 60 chia-tzu (jia zi) or dragons. Much of the knowledge in this book comes from the Chinese text of perhaps the most famous Hsuan K’ung (Xuan Kong) master of the 20th century, Shen Chu Reng and his book on Flying Star entitled San Yuan Ti Li Tai Hsuan K’ung.
    “Stephen Skinner is probably the most important Western scholar taking the science of Fengshui seriously. In the past few decades he has made important contributions to clarifying the rather vague image from which Feng shui suffers in the West.” – Dr. Ulrich Theobald, lecturer in Chinese history and classical Chinese at Tubingen University, Germany.
    Pages: 356  Size: 253x178mm 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - July   2018
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Feng Shui
    List Price: 36.00 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 2 of: 18
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    Title: Ars Notoria
    Sub-title: The Grimoire of Rapid Learning by Magic, with the Golden Flowers of Apollonius of Tyana
    Series: (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic: Volume 11)
    By (author): Dr Stephen Skinner, Daniel Clark
    ISBN10-13: 191221203X : 9781912212033
    The Ars Notoria, or Notory Art, is a Mediaeval grimoire designed to assist monks (or anyone) to learn whole subjects in as short a time as a month through the intervention of angels. It also has procedures for vastly improving memory and understanding, such that a single reading of a complex text will enable the matter to be absorbed and understood. The procedure consisted of short prayers (designed to set the scene) followed by orations or invocations made up of lists of the secret names of angels (some say demons) who will assist the aspirant in these feats of memory. These are read or chanted whilst the aspirant looks at a "nota," a complex design which encapsulates the essence of the desired subject. These nota are unlike the seals or sigils of any other grimoire, and were drawn with exquisite attention to detail. The oldest manuscript of the Ars Notoria dates from 1225. Despite the passage of almost 800 years, the Ars Notoria has never been published before with both its text and all its notae (plural of nota) complete. This first complete edition also has four other full-colour complete sets of notae from the three following centuries. The commentary explains where the Ars Notoria fits into the history of magic, charts the development of the notae, and the lives of some of the magicians who were associated with it. As Sophie Page once wrote "In its influence, dissemination, length, and complexity...the Ars notoria is the most important surviving treatise of ritual magic." This is no exaggeration as there were more copies of this grimoire circulating in those early centuries than any other grimoire, with the possible exception of The Key of Solomon.
    Table of Contents:
    Contents Acknowledgements 9 List of Figures 10 1. Background Trivium and Quadrivium 11 Main Schools of Magic 13 Ars Notoria and the Lemegeton 14 Origin of the Ars Notoria 16 Greek Origins 19 Critics and Famous Owners 20 Possible Authors 23 John of Morigny and the Liber Visionum 25 Ars Notoria and the Liber Juratus 27 Distribution of the Manuscripts of the Ars Notoria 28 Printed Editions 29 Turner’s English Translation 29 Versions of the text of Ars Notoria 32 Derivative Works 33 The Figure of Memory 33 Symbolism of the Ineffable 5th nota of Theology 36 2. Magicians, Physicians, Scribes, Collectors, and a Translator Apollonius of Tyana (c. 15 – c. 100) 37 Euclid of Thebes 42 Hartmann Schedel (1440 – 1514) 43 Albert V, Duke of Bavaria (1528-1579) 44 Simon Forman (1552 – 1611) 46 George Wrighte (1697 – 1724) 56 Robert Turner (1626 – c. 1666) 58 Sir Hans Sloane (1660 – 1724) 61 3. The Main Manuscripts 67 4. The Notae 84 5. Compendium and Distribution of the Notae 90 6. Method of Use and Practical Considerations 112 Ars Notoria 7. Full Manuscript of the earliest Ars Notoria (1225) 121 8. English Translation of the Ars Notoria (reorganised) 160 Prologue 164 1. Flores Aurei Sections 1-70 165 2. Of the Liberal Arts or trivium Sections 71-109 187 3. Ars Nova Sections 110-125 200 4. Novem Termini Sections 126-127 206 5. Orations and Notae Sections 128-147 208 6. Supplementary Gloss & Prayers Sections S148-S176 215 9. Complete sets of Notae from four key manuscripts 231 MS Sloane 1712 c. 1250 232 MS CLM 276 c. 1350 250 MS BnF 9336 14th century 273 MS Yar. Var. 34 1600 296 10. Latin text of the Ars Notoria in Agrippa’s Opera Omnia 328 Appendix 1 – Table of Subjects 386 Appendix 2 – List of the prayers in Ars Notoria 387 Appendix 3 – List of borrowings by Liber Juratus from Ars Notoria 393 Appendix 4 – Known works by Robert Turner 396 Appendix 5 - Full Text of the Orations ‘borrowed’ by Liber Juratus 000 Bibliography 400 Index 413 List of Figures 01: King Solomon receiving a book of Wisdom from the angel 4 02: Notae in the form of a column resting on an inverted head 20 03: Byzantine column supported by an inverted head of Medusa 20 04: Title page of Agrippa ‘s De Occulta Philosophia, 1551 32 05: The Figure of Memory as it appears in Agrippa’s Opera Omnia 36 06: The Figure of Memory in its complete form 37 07: A stone ‘talisman’ invoking the power of seven archangels 41 08: Inscription commemorating Apollonius’ life and qualities 43 09: Woodcut of Erfurt in Hartmann Schedel’s Nuremberg Chronicle 45 10: Albert V, Duke of Bavaria 46 11: Bookplate of the Dukes of Bavaria in CLM 276 47 12: Simon Forman, astrologer and physician 49 13: The frontispiece of John Melton’s Astrologaster, 1620 51 14: Liber de Arte Memoratiua siue Notoria, Trinity College O.9.7 54 15: Scandalous aristocrats: Francis Howard and her lovers 55 16: The armorial bookplate of George Wrighte 59 17: Gothurst (Gayhurst) House, late 16th century 60 18: Robert Turner as he appears in his book Botanologia, 1664 63 19: Portrait of Sir Hans Sloane 64 20: Milk Chocolate: Sir Hans Sloane and Cadburys 66 21: Montagu House, sold to the British Museum in 1759 68 22: A variant form of the Second nota of Rhetoric 90 23: Compendium of notae with their manuscript folio locations 94 24: Compendium of notae arranged by subject 98 25: Thumbnails of the notae from key manuscripts 102 26: Commencement and fourth month notae inspection dates 124   27-62: MS Yale Mellon 1 126-161 63: Title page of Robert Turner’s Ars Notoria translation 164 64: The Figure of Memory (English) 213 65-81: MS BL Sloane 1712 239-255 82-108: MS BSB CLM 276 258-279 109-130: MS BnF Lat. 9336 282-303 131-160: MS NLI Yah. Var. 34 296-327 161: Figure of Memory (Latin) 391 162: List of the Subjects 395 163: List of Orations 398 164: Borrowings of prayers by Liber Juratus from Ars Notoria 404 165: List of books written and translated by Robert Turner 408 166: List of the main Ars Notoria Manuscripts 415
    Pages: 425  Size: 255x175mm  Illustrations: 167 colour & b/w illus 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - August   2019
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Mysticism, magic & ritual
    List Price: 64.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 73
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    Title: Clavis or Key to Unlock the MYSTERIES OF MAGIC
    Series: (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic - Volume 10)
    By (author): Dr Stephen Skinner, Daniel Clark
    ISBN10-13: 1912212080 : 9781912212088
    This is the highpoint of calligraphic Victorian grimoires, full colour throughout. A very significant magical text with lots of detail not normally found in a grimoire
    Pages: 497  Size: 254x178mm 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - October   2018
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Mysticism, magic & ritual
    List Price: 64.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 126
    Title: 4 of: 18
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    Title: Dr John Dee's Spiritual Diary (1583-1608)
    Sub-title: a completely new & reset edition of ’’True & Faithful Relation...’’ with a complete translation of all Latin passages
    Edition Statement: 2nd Edition
    By (author): Dr Stephen Skinner
    ISBN10-13: 1912212137 : 9781912212132
    The Sourcework of Dee's Enochian Magic, transcribed from his original manuscript with literally thousands of corrections
    Pages: 844  Size: 255x205mm  Illustrations: 6 colour & 26 b/w illus 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - September   2019
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Occult studies
    List Price: 76.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 168
    Title: 5 of: 18
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    Title: Feng Shui
    Sub-title: A Hong Kong Perspective
    By (author): Dr Dr Jin Peh
    ISBN10-13: 0955738792 : 9780955738791
    CONTENTS: Introduction; Feng Shui Theory; The Bedroom; Children & Pregnancy; Colours, Numbers & Water; Date Selection; Festivals; Decorations & Symbols; Doors & Windows; Exteriors; Feng Shui Calculations; Internal Shapes & Structures; Mirrors; The Office & Work; Other Rooms; Spiritual Matters; Chinese Astrology; Chinese Names; Index.
    Pages: 287  Size: 135x210mm 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - October   2010
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Feng Shui
    List Price: 16.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 46
    Title: 6 of: 18
    Image not yet available
    Title: Feng Shui History
    Sub-title: The Story of Classical Feng Shui in China & the West from 211 BC to 2012 AD
    By (author): Dr Stephen Skinner
    ISBN10-13: 095682854X : 9780956828545
    This book tracks the evolution of feng shui in detail in China from 221 BC till the present day, and then its spread throughout SE Asia, and finally to the rest of the world in the last 35 years. This has never been done before in English. The only information on the history of feng shui occurs as scattered chapters in a number of books, but these books often repeat the same tired generalisations, and include many largely erroneous statements such as: 1. "Feng shui is 6000 years old." In fact the characters 'feng shui' were not used in this context before 320 CE. Even the older names (ti li, kan yi, etc.) for this practice do not occur in any surviving texts before 221 BC. 2. "Feng shui derives from the Yi Jing". In fact, apart from the 8 trigrams being used as basic directional indicators, no feng shui compass shows the 60 hexagrams till 1600 CE, and not the full 64 hexagrams till 1824. 3. "The feng shui compass derives from a magnetised spoon revolving on a plate." In fact this incorrect deduction made by Wang Chen-To in 1946 (and later reluctantly repeated by Needham) was completely discredited by several researchers in the 1990s. This book has been meticulously researched, from authoritative Chinese texts and the analysis of many antique lo p'ans, and gives the real history of feng shui. It contains the biographical details of many masters, and tracks the developments and people involved in propagating feng shui in the US, UK, Europe and China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, in the 20th and 21st century, right up to date in 2012. It clearly shows the different feng shui methods and masters, and how they relate to each other.
    Pages: 208  Size: 250x180mm  Illustrations: 68 illus & 17 b/w plates 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - November   2012
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Feng Shui
    List Price: 40.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 24
    Title: 7 of: 18
    Image not yet available
    Title: Grimoire of St Cyprian Clavis Inferni
    By (author): Dr Stephen Skinner, David Rankine
    ISBN10-13: 0955738717 : 9780955738715
    There have been many grimoires attributed to St Cyprian of Antioch due to his reputation as a consummate magician before his conversion to Christianity, but perhaps none so intriguing as the present manuscript. This unique manuscript (unlike the more rustic examples attributed to St Cyprian called the Black Books of Wittenburg, as found in Scandinavia, or the texts disseminated under his name in Spain and Portugal) is directly in line with the Solomonic tradition, and therefore relevant to our present series of Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic. It is unique in that instead of being weighed down with many prayers and conjurations it addresses the summoning and use of both the four Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel as well as their opposite numbers, the four Demon Kings, Paymon, Maimon, Egyn and Oriens. The later are shown in their animal and human forms along with their sigils, a resource unique amongst grimoires. The text is in a mixture of three magical scripts, Greek, Hebrew, cipher, Latin, (and reversed Latin) with many contractions and short forms, but expanded and made plain by the editors. The title literally means 'The Key of Hell with white and black magic as proven by Metatron'.
    David Rankine is an author who has been practising magick for 25 years, and is best known for his lively lectures and workshops. He has been involved with a wide variety of magickal groups and traditions, and draws on his extensive experience to convey the essence of magick in simple terms.
    Pages: 96  Size: 180x260mm  Illustrations: colour & b/w illus 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - December   2009
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Occult studies : Magic, spells & alchemy
    List Price: 40.00 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 8 of: 18
    Image not yet available
    Title: Michael Psellus on the Operation of Dæmons
    By (author): Marcus Collisson
    ISBN10-13: 0955738725 : 9780955738722
    Michael Constantine Psellus (1018-1178 C.E) was one of the most notable writers and philosophers of the Byzantine era. The Byzantine domain was effectively the eastern Greek speaking part of the Roman Empire centred on Byzantium (Constantinople, modern Istanbul) which split off from the Latin West in 364 C.E. Its intellectual legacies helped lay the foundations for the Italian Renaissance. It was the fall of Constantinople in 1453 that released a tide of Greek reading scholars into Western Europe, particularly Venice. With them came much of the magical and Hermetic knowledge which the Greeks in their turn had inherited from the Egyptians. The Key of Solomon was one such text. It is therefore essential to the understanding of such magical texts that one understands exactly how the Byzantines understood the nature of daemons. Psellus forms the bridge between the ancient world, Byzantine Greek, and the grimoire conception of the nature of daemons. Hailing from Constantinople, Psellus' career was an illustrious and practical one, serving as a political advisor to a succession of emperors, playing a decisive role in the transition of power between various monarchs. He became the leading professor at the newly founded University of Constantinople, bearing the honorary title, 'Consul of the Philosophers'. He was the driving force behind the university curriculum reform designed to emphasise the Greek classics, especially Homeric literature. Psellus is credited with the shift from Aristotelian thought to the Platonist tradition, and was adept in politics, astronomy, medicine, music, theology, jurisprudence, physics, grammar and history.
    Featured in Watkins Review, Spring 2011
    Pages: 95  Size: 180x260mm  Illustrations: b/w illus 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - June   2010
    Format: Hardback
    Subjects: Occult studies
    List Price: 39.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 98
    Title: 9 of: 18
    Image not yet available
    Title: Search for Abraxas
    By (author): Nevill Drury, Dr Stephen Skinner
    ISBN10-13: 0993204244 : 9780993204241
    This is a re-release of Stephen Skinner's first book on magic (written jointly with Nevill Drury) which is organised as a collection of essays. At the time it broke a lot of new ground, and was enthusiastically reviewed by Colin Wilson who wrote, The authors of this book represent a new phenomenon: the serious study of the practice of magic. ... What is so interesting about this latest wave of occultism is it is more sober and rational than any of its predecessors. These practicing magicians have decided that there is something in magic, something as objective as radio waves. They have set out to investigate it in a spirit in which Yeats’ romanticism combines with scientific empiricism. They seem determined to get to the bottom of it, or at least, to go further in understanding it than any of their predecessors have attempted. After setting the scene with essays on the Gnostics, the Rosicrucians and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the book moves on to modern magicians such as Austin Osman Spare. In fact, apart from one privately printed monograph, this was the first book to explain Spare's genius and his system of sigil magic, long before his Zos-Kia cultus became popular in the occult world. The connection between magic and the hippie culture is examined in the context of Carlos Casteneda, and original material on Surrealist art and astral projection rounds off the book.
    Table of Contents:
    Introduction to the Third Edition; Introduction to the Second Edition; Introduction to the First Edition – Colin Wilson; Prologue; Section I: The World of Light -- Modern Revivals; Genesis of the Gnosis; Qabalah in Theory and Practice; Section II: The World of Shadows -- The Strange World of Austin Osman Spare; Belladonna; Los Diableros; Section III: The World of Dreams -- Phantasy in Art; Surrealism; Astral Projection, Death & the Inner Vision; Section IV: The Search for Abraxas; Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.
    About The Author:
    Dr Nevill Drury is best known for his publications on modern Western magic, shamanism and visionary art. For many years he worked in the Australian book industry as an editor and art book publisher and in 2008 he received his Ph.D from the University of Newcastle for a dissertation on the art and magic of Rosaleen Norton. Currently living on the New South Wales south coast, he now works as a full-time writer and occasional university lecturer. Nevill's books have been published in 25 countries. Recent publications include Sacred Encounters: Shamanism and Magical Journeys of the Spirit; The Dictionary of Magic and Stealing Fire from Heaven: the Rise of Modern Western Magic. He also co-authored The Varieties of Magical Experience with Dr Lynne Hume.
    Pages: 152  Size: 230x155mm  Illustrations: 22 b/w illus 
    PublishedGolden Hoard Press Pte Ltd (SI) - May   2016
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Mysticism, magic & ritual
    List Price: 11.00 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
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