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    Title: Golden Shrine, Goddess Queen
    Sub-title: Egypt's Anointing Mysteries
    By (author): Alison Roberts
    ISBN10-13: 0952423324 : 9780952423324
    This book explores ancient Egypt's feminine anointing mysteries and how these are reflected in both royal art and ritual life. It also traces their subsequent influence in early Christianity. This means there are five broad audiences for the book in addition to those interested in Egyptology, ancient history and archaeology. Religion -- the book provides new insights in religion and mythology. It includes a detailed study of the New Year ritual of anointing the pharaoh , so it will appeal to readers interested in ritual and ancient mysteries. As a discussion of the oldest known African religion it is also relevant to black history. Women's Studies -- the book carefully elucidates the place of feminine divinity and the Egyptian queen in these anointing mysteries. Emphasising the crucial role of the feminine in Egyptian ritual life, it gives a new perspective on women's theology and women's history. Early Christianity -- the book traces the influence of the Egyptian New Year rites in the Christian anointing mysteries, as recorded both in the canonical gospels and the alchemically inspired Gospel of Philip from the Nag Hammadi Library. It is therefore relevant to readers interested in early Christianity, Christian sacramentalism and the Nag Hammadi writings. Alchemy and Hermeticism -- the book's study of the relationship between early Christianity, Graeco-Egyptian alchemy and Hermeticism will interest those drawn to early esoteric traditions. Fine Arts -- the book will also appeal to readers interested in a history, since it gives a high priority to visual images for understanding Egyptian religion. It includes many striking colour illustrations, which are closely Integrated within the text.
    About The Author:
    Alison Roberts studied ancient Egyptian and Akkadian at the University of Oxford. She completed her doctoral thesis 'Cult Objects of Hathor' in 1984. Since then she has written and lectured on ancient Egypt. She lives in Brighton, England.
    Pages: 160  Size: 185x230mm  Illustrations: 69 colour & 10 b/w illus 
    PublishedNorthgate Publishers (UK) - November   2008
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Mind, Body, Spirit : Ancient Egypt
    List Price: 18.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 93
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    Title: Hathor’s Alchemy
    Sub-title: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of the Hermetic Art
    By (author): Alison M Roberts
    ISBN10-13: 0952423332 : 9780952423331
    When alchemy emerged in Roman Egypt, early adepts knew their wisdom came from the Egyptian temples. Yet these deep roots in ancient Egypt have remained obscure, doubted even by many. Journeying through the beautiful temples at Abu Simbel and Dendara, dedicated to the love goddess Hathor, and delving into the Osirian mysteries enshrined in Ramesses VI’s tomb at Thebes, Hathor’s Alchemy unearths this transformational lost knowledge. Greek, Islamic and medieval European alchemists all drew on its ‘wisdom of the queen’, including the authors of Aurora consurgens and the Rosarium philosophorum. Explored, too, is alchemy’s profound influence in Sufism. Richly illustrated in colour throughout, this groundbreaking book reunites ancient Egypt and alchemy within the western Hermetic tradition.
    Table of Contents:
    Preface; Chronological Outline; Map of Egypt; Introduction. PART 1 Living the Hours: The Book of Life; 1 Raising Beauty: Mysticism of Light; 2 Midheaven Mountain: Making the Red; 3 Hall of Awakening: Heaven in the Palace; 4 Chamber of the Mothers: Eternal Creation; 5 Kindred Temples: Solstice Reversal. PART 2 Dendara’s Mysteries: Abu Simbel Resonances; 6 Temple of Time: Four Faces of Hathor; 7 Serpent in the Stone: The Secret Palace; 8 Rooftop Rites: The Khoiak Festival; 9 Rebuilding Osiris: Following the Sun; 10 Phoenix Rising: Black Earth Regeneration; 11 Hathor’s Turning: Moving Light; 12 Astrologer Priests: Osiris’s Zodiac. PART 3 Copper in the Crucible: Metallurgical Mysteries; 13 Hathor’s Treasure: Heaven of Copper; 14 Horus’s Wings: Copper’s Remedy; 15 Solve et Coagula: Egypt’s Way. PART 4 Alchemy’s Mirror: Egyptian Reflections; 16 Alchemical Temples: Egypt’s Legacy; 17 Alchemy of Colour: The Work of a Day; 18 Movement Alchemy: Copper Matters; 19 Two Suns Alchemy: The Copper Woman. PART 5 Alchemy’s Queen: The Western Tradition; 20 The Secret Epistle: A Missing Link; 21 Diving Deep: The Fisher King; 22 Seeking the Stone: The Soul’s Code; 23 The Fire-Tried Stone: Quicksilver Red; 24 Akhmim’s Builders: Sacred Science; Abbreviations; Notes; Bibliography; Index; Sources of the Illustrations.
    About The Author:
    Dr Alison M Roberts studied ancient Egyptian and Akkadian at Oxford University, where she received her doctorate in 1984. Since then she has written and lectured on ancient Egypt, and Hathor’s Alchemy completes her quartet of books on Hathor, the Feminine, and ancient Egyptian transformational wisdom.
    Pages: 336  Size: 230x185mm  Illustrations: 177 colour illus. & 24 line drawings 
    PublishedNorthgate Publishers (UK) - January   2019
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Egyptian archaeology / Egyptology : Magic, alchemy & hermetic thought : History of science : Mind, Body, Spirit : Ancient Egypt
    List Price: 27.50 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 70
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    Title: Hathor Rising
    Sub-title: The Secret Power of Ancient Egypt
    By (author): Alison Roberts
    ISBN10-13: 0952423308 : 9780952423300
    Drawing together temple art, myths, rituals and poetry, "Hathor Rising" reveals a rich tradition of feminine divinity. It explores how the sexual polarity of Hathor and the sun god manifests in the Pharaoh's life' as well as Hathor's connection with Isis and the moon cults. The serpent cult was given a new impetus by Hatshepsut, the innovative female Pharaoh whose remarkable reign, early in the 15th century BC, laid the foundations for the cultural splendour of New Kingdom Egypt. Ecstatic, musical, heart-centred -- the serpent tradition was interrupted only by the reign of Akhenaten who suppressed much of the serpent cult in favour of a trinitarian father god.
    About The Author:
    Alison Roberts studied ancient Egyptian and Akkadian at the University of Oxford. She completed her doctoral thesis 'Cult Objects of Hathor' in 1984. Since then she has written and lectured on ancient Egypt. She lives in Brighton, England.
    Pages: 186  Size: 185x235mm 
    PublishedNorthgate Publishers (UK) - January   1995
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Ancient Egyptian religion & mythology : Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice : Ancient Egypt
    List Price: 13.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 24
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    Title: My Heart My Mother
    Sub-title: Death & Rebirth in Ancient Egypt
    By (author): Alison Roberts
    ISBN10-13: 0952423316 : 9780952423317
    This book explores the pivotal place of the fiery serpent-eye goddess, Hathor-Sekmet, in the mysteries of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. Weaving together myths, rituals and temple art, it recreates the craft world of ancient Memphis, with its heart-centred religion and vitalising feminine divinities. The author reveals the rich and complex temple life of New Kingdom Egypt in a compelling account of the soul's return to primal origins in the Ancestor Ritual, a little known royal death and rebirth ceremony. "My Heart My Mother" breaks new ground with its analysis of Egyptian sacred architecture. Seti I's temple at Abydos is shown to be an image of heaven, built to correspond with the cosmic 'maps' of living and dying depicted on the remarkable Nut ceilings in Theban royal tombs. Each part of the Abydos temple is a focus for transformation in the ancestral rites. Despite great social changes this heart wisdom continued long after the rule of Pharaohs ended. The book traces its profound influence in alchemy, presenting fresh evidence to support the alchemists' own belief in the Egyptian roots of their tradition.
    About The Author:
    Alison Roberts studied ancient Egyptian and Akkadian at the University of Oxford. She completed her doctoral thesis 'Cult Objects of Hathor' in 1984. Since then she has written and lectured on ancient Egypt. She lives in Brighton, England.
    Pages: 265  Size: 185x235mm  Illustrations: b/w photos 
    PublishedNorthgate Publishers (UK) - January   2000
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Asian history : Ancient history: to c 500 CE : Ancient Egyptian religion & mythology : Ancient Egypt
    List Price: 16.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 125
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