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    Title: Acres of Diamonds
    Sub-title: All Good Things Are Possible...
    By (author): Russell H Conwell
    ISBN10-13: 0930852257 : 9780930852252
    Meet a self-made man who lived a totally unselfish life, and who opened doors of opportunity for untold millions through his philosophy that 'All Good Things are Possible!'. He believed that each of us is placed here on earth for one main purpose -- to help others. Conwell was a minister, the founder of Temple University, and two hospitals where no-one was ever turned away for lack of money. He was also a famous lecturer. This is a spiritual book. It is not a 'get-rich-quick' guide. Conwell saw that success is a spiritual idea, and is a result of spiritual principles. The book includes the lecture and biographical material. Here is the original self-motivational message, long lost, now found.
    Pages: 160  Size: 155x230mm 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - January   1996
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Spirituality & religious experience
    List Price: 7.99 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: Adventures in Kinship with All Life
    By (author): John Allen Boone Edited by: Bianca Leonardo, Henri Rousseau
    ISBN10-13: 1615778071 : 9781615778072
    With warm humour and well-seasoned experience, J. Allen Boone re-enters the wonderful world of unspoken communication between humans and animals. He was an explorer into the realm of the unexpected who felt that by underestimating the mental and spiritual qualities of by animals, we miss out on the oneness and wholeness of life. This book salutes the Divinity within all living creatures. In his encounter with "Just Joe", his monkey-companion, Boone struggles to become the pupil, with "Just Joe" a teacher whose wisdom is not measured in words, but in his ability to vibrate with life's unity. These thoughtful tales demonstrate how the author spoke silently with all forms of life, and how he grew to understand their silent replies. Boone never looked down on animals as "lesser creatures"; rather, he looked across at them as companions in the grand adventure of life. Everything that lives has something of value to share with us - whenever we are ready for the experience.
    Pages: 128  Size: 230x155mm 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - October   2013
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Mind, Body, Spirit: thought & practice
    List Price: 11.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 2
    Title: 2 of: 61
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    Title: Afghanistan
    Sub-title: A Window on the Tragedy
    By (author): Alen Silva, Malalai Joya, Ezzat Goushegir, Alan Rachins, Michael Ratner
    ISBN10-13: 0981989179 : 9780981989174
    Ninety-eight black-and-white photographs, steeped in the pathos and predicament of the Afghan people, accompanied by soul-searching commentary and poetry from thirteen distinguished contributors. Basque-born photographer Alen Silva travelled twice across war-torn Afghanistan, to places few foreigners dare to venture, to bring us these soul-searing photographs of a devastated land. Among the ruins of Kabul, of the Bamiyan Buddhas, of Soviet tanks, of Afghan society -- the hope for peace still lights the weary faces of the Afghan people who welcomed him. Texts by Alen Silva, Alan Rachins, Bahman Ghobadi, Bernardo Atxaga, Ezzat Goushegir, Gillian Anderson, John Sistiaga, Malalai Joya, Michael Ratner, Mike Farrell, Suheir Hammad, Susan Kelly-DeWitt, Toti Martinez de Lezea, and Yasmina Khadra.
    Pages: 160  Size: 215x140mm  Illustrations: 98 b/w photos 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - April   2011
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: History of art / art & design styles : Poetry anthologies (various poets) : Afghanistan
    List Price: 5.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 50
    Title: 3 of: 61
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    Title: Afrocentric Myth or Islam
    Sub-title: The Liberator of the American People
    By (author): Abubakr Ben Ishmael Salahuddin
    ISBN10-13: 0964500515 : 9780964500518
    The fallacy of racialist thinking, including Black Nationalism, as a solution for the problems of racial identity in America. Race and colour are fundamentally myths or hang-ups. Malcolm X's vision. How Islam has always transcended race.
    Pages: 124  Size: 215x140mm 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - December   1995
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Black & Asian studies : Islamic studies
    List Price: 5.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1
    Title: 4 of: 61
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    Title: Anne Hutchinson
    Sub-title: Unsung Heroine of History
    By (author): Bianca Leonardo, Winifred K Rugg
    ISBN10-13: 0930852303 : 9780930852306
    America's first feminist, female minister, and martyr. True, dramatic, inspiring! If Anne had been a man, she would be in all the history books. Her exciting story has been neglected for 350 years! Read how Anne Hutchinson came to America from a comfortable life in England, to settle in rugged, four-year-old Boston. The conditions were extremely harsh. The women, with constant child-bearing, suffered the most. Spiritually minded, loving Anne became involved in helping the women in the colony to understand 'the God of Love, not Law'. Anne's zeal for God's truth in an all-male clergy led to an outright inquisition, and, ultimately, to her excommunication and banishment. Soon thereafter, came her tragic and untimely death, along with her young children.
    Pages: 348  Size: 155x230mm 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - January   1995
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Gender studies: women : USA
    List Price: 8.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 1
    Title: 5 of: 61
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    Title: Barack H. Obama
    Sub-title: The Unauthorized Biography
    By (author): Webster G Tarpley
    ISBN10-13: 0930852915 : 9780930852917
    Written by the author of the legendary 1992 expose of Bush the elder, this book works from a New Deal point of view. Obama is exposed as a foundation operative and agent of Wall Street finance capital, controlled by Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Soros, and Goldman Sachs. Obama's mother was an official of the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, and US AID. By all indications, Obama was identified for future political use by Brzezinski at Columbia in 1981-1983, during Obama's secret lost years. Obama has worked for the Gamaliel Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the Woods Fund, and the Annenberg Foundation as a community organizer - a poverty pimp, a cynical opportunist who uses suffering people as a political commodity. The foundation strategy is divide and conquer, pitting blacks against whites against Hispanics against Asians, to prevent any challenge to Wall Street. Racist provocateurs like Wright and Pfleger, along with Weatherman terrorist bombers Ayers and Dohrn, Obama's best friends, are cast in this mold. Rezko, Auchi, and Al-Sammarae represent the cesspool of Chicago graft and corruption in which Obama cavorts. Schooled in Nietzsche and Fanon, Obama qualifies as a postmodern fascist. An Obama administration would strive for brutal economic sacrifice and austerity to finance Wall Street bailouts, and for imperialist confrontation with Russia and China.
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - November   2017
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Biography: historical, political & military
    List Price: 19.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 9
    Title: 6 of: 61
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    Title: Battling Wall Street
    Sub-title: The Kennedy Presidency
    By (author): Donald E Gibson
    ISBN10-13: 1615779604 : 9781615779604
    Was JFK the tool of the Eastern Establishment, or was he its bitterest enemy? Don Gibson challenges the conventional wisdom and asserts, with powerful support from Kennedy's own words and actions-and those of his enemies-that Kennedy was always on the side of economic, political and social progress. To achieve his goals of government for the people, JFK crossed swords courageously and vigorously with the real centres of power. They punished him with the ultimate sacrifice - his own life, and fifty years of crushing defeats of our American ideals. In this intriguing and penetrating analysis, Gibson looks at what JFK himself said, wrote, and did, contrasting that with the words and actions of his enemies -- the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, and the corporate and banking magnates themselves, who, as this book shows, truly despised the President. Conventional wisdom depicts Kennedy as a cautious president committed to the status quo and to the Establishment. This book makes a compelling case to the contrary, showing that President Kennedy was always willing to do battle for his progressive policies, even in the face of vicious attacks. With its clear and lively style, this book is a revelation to the general reader and to the specialist, opening the way to a new understanding of the meaning of Kennedy's legacy.
    Pages: 208  Size: 230x155mm 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - January   2014
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Biography: historical, political & military : History of the Americas : 20th century history: c 1900 to c 2000 : Political leaders & leadership : Macroeconomics : USA
    List Price: 17.99 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: Century of War
    Sub-title: Anglo-American Oil Politics & the New World Order
    Edition Statement: Revised Edition
    By (author): F William Engdahl
    ISBN10-13: 1615774920 : 9781615774920
    This Book is a Gripping Account of the Murky World of the Anglo-American Oil Industry and its Hidden Role in World Politics. -- William Engdahl takes the reader through the history of how seven giant oil companies - five American and two British - developed a controlling grip on the world's economy unprecedented in history. This is no ordinary history of oil. It is a history of global politics, more precisely of global geopolitics - how control of strategic geographical pivot regions first British and later American interests to control in large part the world economy. -- The book sheds light for the first time on such events as the 1973 oil shock - a sudden 400% rise in the price of the world's most essential commodity in a matter of weeks. What William Engdahl reveals, with flawless documentation, will shock most people. The implications are even more devastating. He also documents how oil played an essential role in the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union, in the rise and fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, in the US occupation of Iraq and countless other events not normally understood in such a light.
    Table of Contents:
    Preface to 2004 edition; The Three Pillars of the British Empire; Europe, Japan & a Response to the Oil Shock; Imposing the New World Order; From Evil Empire to the Axis of Evil; A New Millennium for Oil Geopolitics; The Lines are Drawn: Germany & the Geopolitics of the Great War; A Global Fight for Control of Petroleum Begins; Oil Becomes the Weapon, the Near East the Battleground; Combined & Conflicting Goals: U.S. Rivals Britain; The Anglo-Americans Close Ranks; Oil & a New World Order of Bretton Woods; A Sterling Crisis & the Adenauer-de Gaulle Threat; Running the World Economy in Reverse: Who Made the 1970’s Oil Shocks?; Index.
    About The Author:
    F William Engdahl is a leading analyst of the New World Order. His writings have been translated into more than a dozen languages.
    Pages: 352  Size: 155x230mm  Illustrations: 7 b/w photos 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - May   2012
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Popular beliefs & controversial knowledge
    List Price: 19.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon
    Title: 8 of: 61
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    Title: Clown Prince Bush the W
    Sub-title: "Who Elected That Dude Anyway?"
    By (author): Ted Cohen
    ISBN10-13: 161577646X : 9781615776467
    This imaginative memoir portrays the young George W Bush. He was a spoiled rich brat. He was an adolescent drunk. He was a prankster frat boy at an Ivy League. His famous father got him out of the draft. He got elected to the highest office in the world. Impressive resumé. Stranger than fiction! By the Maine reporter who "busted" W for drunk driving. The biography covers the juvenile career of George W. Bush, his rowdy teenage behaviour and drinking habits. His hijinks at Yale and Harvard. Dodging the draft with a little help from Congressman "Poppy" Bush. Inside the Bush Family; mano a mano over an affair his father is having. W's DUI arrest. Eligible bachelor W gets engaged to a nice girl -- so as to be more eligible for a run for Congress. He loses the race but marries Laura Welch anyway. W will be assisted again to rise to high office. Bush comes across as a devil-may-care, insolent youth, with a rude nickname for everyone, always ready to get into mischief, or into a case of liquor, to relieve his boredom. This amusing portrait of a lout's progress is hardly flattering, but is not as unsympathetic as much of his press. An ordinary kid born into a strange family, "Dubya" never was interested in politics. He had to play his part to pay his family dues. This may well explain why Bush as President just did not seem to care to keep up the pretences that the world expects from its leaders. Indeed, we see G W Bush here as an anti-hero rather than a leader. Yet the author does not dwell on such theories. This is a hilarious book rather than a serious one, in keeping with the lightweight personality of its subject. Author Ted Cohen is the Kennebunkport reporter who uncovered the story of Dubya's DUI conviction during the 2000 presidential campaign. That the press did not deem to pick up on it, may possibly have swung the election.
    Pages: 191  Size: 155x230mm 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - March   2010
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Biography: historical, political & military : Political leaders & leadership
    List Price: 13.99 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 4
    Title: 9 of: 61
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    Title: Conspriracies, Conspiracy Theories & the Secrets of 9/11
    By (author): Mathias Bröckers
    ISBN10-13: 0930852230 : 9780930852238
    Mathias Bröckers was working on a book on conspiracies and conspiracy theories when 9/11 hit. Suddenly his study of dusty historical specimens was deluged by an outpouring of ideal research material, live on the screen. Aspiring to found the new science of conspirology, Broeckers doesn't fear the "conspiracy theory" label. Instead he plunges into a fascinating exploration of the subject of conspiracy itself, before tackling the problems of evidence for two competing narratives: the "Bin Laden conspiracy" theory, and dissident suspicions of a staged "inside job" by conspirators within the government. From the Top Ten best-seller list in Germany, his original viewpoint will be warmly welcomed in his first English language edition.
    About The Author:
    Mathias Bröckers is a science writer and investigative journalist. Author of several books and over 600 published articles on culture, science and politics, Broeckers also served as culture editor of Germany''s biggest alternative daily, TAZ, from 1981 to 1991. He has an Honours MA degree in linguistics from The Free University, Berlin.
    Pages: 288  Size: 155x230mm 
    PublishedProgressive Press (US) - June   2006
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Terrorism, armed struggle
    List Price: 14.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 168
    Title: 10 of: 61

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