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    Title: Building Bridges
    Sub-title: Connecting Science, Technology & Philosophy
    Edited by: Henk de Regt, Chunglin Kwa
    ISBN10-13: 9086596681 : 9789086596683
    Text in English & Dutch. What is the future of science and technology? Will academic research become a commodity like so much else? Will technology and science become ever more intertwined? Such questions concern anyone to whom science and technology matter. A philosophical approach can shed light on them, as Hans Radder has amply shown. This volume contains essays by colleagues and friends that highlight the wide variety of topics he has addressed in his work. Whether it is the interaction between science, technology and society, the nature of scientific experimentation, or the scientific realism question, Radder's approach is always acute and committed. With contributions by Henk van den Belt, James Robert Brown, Kai Eigner, Andrew Feenberg, Steve Fuller, Makoto Katsumori, Peter Kirschenmann, Christian Krijnen, Peter Kroes, Chunglin Kwa, Sabina Leonelli, Loet Leydesdorff, Alfred Nordmann, Pieter Pekelharing, Arthur Petersen, Henk de Regt, Angela Roothaan, László Ropolyi, Frits Schipper, and Astrid Schwarz.
    Table of Contents:
    Introduction; Filosofie van wetenschap en technologie: Wat? Hoe? Waarom?; Niet-lokale betekenis en surplusbetekenis van theoretische begrippen; Scientific organisations as social movements: reflections on how social theory; can inform the philosophy of science; The ethos of scientific advice: a pragmatist approach to uncertainty and; ignorance in science & public policy; Heisenberg’s reinterpretation of complementarity & the structure of reality; Intellectueel eigendom: een oxymoron?; De choreometrie van universiteit-industrie-overheidsrelaties: een dans rond; de mousse-aux-trois-chocolats; Why medicine is different; The “capitalization of the intellect”: did Father Kwant anticipate the; commodification thesis?; Re-appropriating the master’s tools: commodification & neo-liberalism in; the constitution of ‘the next left’; A form for experimental inquiry: aphorism & metaphor as heuristic tools; Technoscience at the fork; Successful science in a limited world: a Tractarian perspective on consensus in science; Modern science & technology: two sides of a coin; On the science-technology relationship: a historical view; On idealist foundations of reality: the forgotten perspectives of neo-Kantianism; Doesn’t the normal carbon atom really & truly have six electrons? On “conceptual, propositional & theoretical realizations”; Decommodification of learning: John Dewey & Ivan Illich in search of an; education for the future; Aspects of the philosophy of research: the field of management & organisation.
    Pages: 245  Size: 240x170mm 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - April   2014
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Philosophy : Impact of science & technology on society : Technology: general issues
    List Price: 35.00 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: Calypso's Oath
    Sub-title: On Biased Traditions in Philosophy
    By (author): M Pellikaan-Engel
    ISBN10-13: 9086594506 : 9789086594504
    This book helps us to take a fresh look at several well-known texts from classical antiquity. We discover that Homer's character Calypso is not an egoistic sex bomb, but a kind, intelligent woman with a highly developed moral sense; her protests against a double standard and her view that rationality and empathy together form the basis of proper moral conduct are surprisingly modern. Authorities on ethics such as Socrates, Cicero, Seneca and Augustine seem to take double standards for granted. In their thinking rationality plays the chief role and empathy receives very little attention. These philosophers laid the foundation for the development of one-sided views in the history of philosophy, in which women are for the most part forgotten minor players. It is high time we put an end to these biased traditions in philosophy and start to pay attention to the insights of women philosophers, from early champions of equal rights, such as Hipparchia and Olympe de Gouges, to present day thinkers, such as Hannah Arendt, Simone de Beauvoir and Martha Nussbaum.
    Pages: 116 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - October   2010
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Philosophy
    List Price: 17.99 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 2 of: 19
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    Title: Dutch Media Monopoly
    Sub-title: A Political-Economic Analysis of the Crisis in Journalism in The Netherlands
    By (author): Dr Tabe Bergman
    ISBN10-13: 908659672X : 9789086596720
    Building on work by renowned media critics including James Curran, Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, Tabe Bergman makes a compelling case that, like its American and British counterparts, Dutch journalism is not free but a slave to the bottom line. His contrarian reading of history shows that a pro-elite bias has pervaded Dutch journalism throughout the 20th century. By analysing the coverage of the war in Iraq, Bergman demonstrates that also in the internet era the Dutch news favours the self-interested views of politicians and media owners over the public interest. He argues that only far-reaching measures can excise this fundamental flaw and end journalism's current crisis. Bergsma became Ph.D. on this subject in 2013. VU University Press published his thesis now as a commercial edition for the public.
    About The Author:
    Tabe Bergman worked as a journalist in the Netherlands before he attained his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is an assistant professor in journalism at Renmin University of China.
    "An original and incisive analysis of the shortcomings of Dutch media that will be of compelling interest to students of journalism around the world." -- James Curran, University of London
    Pages: 134  Size: 240x170mm 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - November   2014
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Politics & government : Economics : Press & journalism : Netherlands
    List Price: 28.00 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 3 of: 19
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    Title: Effective Scientific Writing
    Sub-title: An Advanced Learner's Guide to Better English
    By (author): Aleth Bolt, Walter Bruins
    ISBN10-13: 9086596177 : 9789086596171
    Writing a scientific article in English is often a major challenge for non-native speakers of the language. They not only need to produce a well-structured and coherent text, but they are also expected to use correct and idiomatic English throughout. While many books and guides deal with academic writing in general, few focus specifically on writing a scientific article, and most are not written with non-native speakers of English in mind. This guide now offers help. It provides comprehensive and practical advice for non-English graduate students (Master's and PhD) and researchers from various disciplines who wish to communicate their work effectively. It presents all the essential elements for writing a successful scientific paper: (1) getting started and structuring your thoughts; (2) structuring your paper; (3) citing sources; (4) writing well-structured and coherent paragraphs; (5) constructing effective sentences; (6) considering information placement and word order; (7) adopting the right style and using appropriate vocabulary; (8) avoiding the pitfalls of English grammar; (9) using correct spelling and punctuation. This guide is the culmination of Taalcentrum-VU's years of experience in providing clear language and communication consulting in combination with practical tools to aid the aspiring writer of scientific English.
    Pages: 160  Size: 240x170mm 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - October   2012
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Writing skills : English : English
    List Price: 23.50 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 4 of: 19
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    Title: Evangelical Theology in Transition
    Series: (AmSTaR Series)
    By (author): C van der Kooi, E van Staalduine-Sulman, A W Zwiep
    ISBN10-13: 9086596002 : 9789086596003
    This first instalment of the AmSTaR series explores recent developments in Evangelical Christianity in the Netherlands. Dutch Evangelicalism can be understood as rooted in the Reformation, Pietism and other renewal movements. This collection of articles by a number of experts in the field reflects on the boundaries and intersections of the Evangelical tradition in the Netherlands, with a special focus on the themes of transition and fusion. In new cultural and societal circumstances, Dutch Evangelicalism is rapidly changing from a minority group of dissenters to a more established and respected movement within Protestantism and Dutch society. This raises a number of questions about identity, core values, practices and beliefs. The contributors to this volume explore these issues from historical, practical-theological, political, biblical-theological and hermeneutical perspectives in an attempt to understand the role and significance of Evangelical faith in the twenty-first century.
    Pages: 270  Size: 235x155mm 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - October   2012
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: 21st century history: from c 2000 - : Christian theology : Religious groups: social & cultural aspects : 21st century
    List Price: 24.50 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 5 of: 19
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    Title: Evangelicals & Sources of Authority
    Series: [AmSTar -- Amsterdam Studies in Theology & Religion Series]
    Edited by: Miranda Klaver, Stefan Paas, Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman
    ISBN10-13: 9086597351 : 9789086597352
    What are the sources of authority for evangelical Christians in their debates and practices? They often refer to the Bible, but it is not the sole source. Practical results are important, as are personal feelings and experiences. Fourteen researchers examined the sources of authority to which evangelicals appeal. It was assumed that they accepted a certain balance between the authority of the Bible, tradition, experiences and rationality. In the past two decades, however, a shift from traditional interpretations of the Bible to an emphasis on individual experiences and emotions has been discernible, with varying implications. It is time to acknowledge that the evangelical movement is not stuck in conservatism, but is willing to enter new debates with changing sources of authority. This is volume 6 in the famous peer-reviewed AmSTar Series [Amsterdam Studies in Theology and Religion], published under the auspices of the Center of Evangelical and Reformation Theology (CERT).
    Table of Contents:
    List of Contributors; Introduction -- Evangelicals & Sources of Authority; Towards an Evangelical Hermeneutic of Authority by Henk Bakker; Looking for Discernment: Dreams, Images & Prophecy in a Local Baptist Congregation by René Erwich; New Media Making & Breaking Religious Leadership: The Case of Hillsong Church by Miranda Klaver; Losing Face in a Facebook Era: Theological Reflections on the Misplaced Authority of Social Media; by Ronald T. Michener; Jesus, You Are My King: An Analysis of the Dominant Faith Narratives in Popular Contemporary Worship Songs by Hans Riphagen; Feminine Failure: Expectations Around Evangelical Female Leadership by Joke van Saane & Nadia Kroon; Homosexuality & Moral Authority: A Theological Interpretation of Changing Views in Evangelical Circles by Ad de Bruijne; Star Wars: The Creation Debate in Cyberspace Between Fundamentalists & Neo-Evangelicals by W. Creighton Marlowe; Why Church Planting in Europe? On Authorizing a Common Evangelical Practice by Stefan Paas; The Man as Priest of the Family: A Reformed Metaphor in an Evangelical Surrounding by; Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman; God’s Repentance & Immutability: In Search of the Relation Between Doctrine & Biblical Narrative by Kees van der Kooi; The Quest for Our Source of Authority: An Evaluation of Vanhoozer’s Canonical-Linguistic Approach by Kees van Kralingen; “This is What Was Spoken by the Prophet Joel”: The Latter Rain in Joel’s Prophecies & in Dutch Pentecostalism by Wido van Peursen; Index of Authors.
    About The Author:
    Miranda Klaver is Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Master programme Religion and Media at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is a recognized expert on Evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity by national public media in the Netherlands.
    Stefan Paas is J.H. Bavinck Professor of Missiology and Intercultural Theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Professor of Missiology at Theologische Universiteit Kampen. He has also written about church planting, political philosophy, and apologetics.
    Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman is Associate Professor of Early Exegesis of the Hebrew Bible at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is editor-in-chief of the Dutch journal Soteria, a quarterly magazine for evangelical theological reflection.
    Pages: 293  Size: 230x155mm 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - July   2016
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Other Nonconformist & Evangelical Churches
    List Price: 29.95 Pounds Sterling
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    Title: 6 of: 19
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    Title: Get Smarter!
    Sub-title: Handbook for Efficient & Effective Studying
    By (author): Mirjam Pol
    ISBN10-13: 9086597009 : 9789086597000
    Study advisors enjoy explaining to students what efficient and effective academic studying is. We point out which factors promote or impede efficiency. We also analyse which factors apply to each individual. That ultimately makes every talk unique, just like the analysis and any resulting action plan. Study advisors do not have ready-made solutions. Nor do we have snappy tricks or secrets that unlock the way to stimulate a memory to work overtime. But luckily, there are many techniques that you can learn. They help you to study efficiently, effectively and pleasurably. And everyone can use them. This handbook can be read from cover to cover, as you would with any book. Or you can open it randomly or pick out certain chapters that interest you. If your question is not answered in this publication, or you would like to talk about your issue, then you are welcome to approach a study advisor at your institute. Changing a personal study approach does not have to be a punishment. In contrast, it can be very inspiring and motivate you to bring your dreams and goals closer. New insights can form the start of a new path, full of adventure. And let us not forget: if studying goes well, there will be more time left for the other pleasures in life. So enjoy!
    Table of Contents:
    Preface; A Few Words of Wisdom ; Introduction; Learning To Study: Trying & Evaluating; Creative Studying: Academic Judo; Intelligence: Discover Your Own Type; Information: How Do You Let the Absorbing Happen?; Problems: Procrastination, Loss of Concentration & Difficulties with Discipline; Motivation: How Do You Keep It Up?; Examinations: Training for the Different Types ; Examinations: Relax Beforehand; Time Management: The Importance of Planning; Fear of Failure: There is Hope; Mnemonics: A Sport All on Their Own; Failed: Understand What You Don’t Get; Frustration: What It Does to You; Preconditions: Everything Helps.
    Pages: 107  Size: 170x120mm  Illustrations: b/w illus 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - October   2014
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Study & learning skills: general
    List Price: 7.50 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 4
    Title: 7 of: 19
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    Title: God Remembers
    Sub-title: Towards a Theology of Remembrance as a Basis of Reconciliation in Communal Conflict
    Series: (AmSTaR Series)
    By (author): Binsar Pakpahan
    ISBN10-13: 9086596037 : 9789086596034
    This is a search for a theological basis of remembrance in communal conflict. Starting with a case study of a real conflict within the HKBP/Christian Batak Protestant Church in Indonesia in the years 1992-1998, this book relates a biblical understanding of remembrance to the work of Johann Baptist Metz, Alexander Schmemann and Miroslav Volf, three theologians who have made significant contributions to the understanding of conflict and remembrance in their own respective Christian traditions. The author argues that history's traumatic wounds are healed by a transformative remembrance of the past rather than by forgetting or ignoring what has gone wrong. And that the act of remembrance in the liturgy of the Eucharist is a highly appropriate place for the actual healing of memory.
    About The Author:
    Binsar Jonathan Pakpahan (1980) started his theological education at Jakarta Theological Seminary (STT Jakarta), earned his MA and PhD in Theology at VU University Amsterdam. He is a pastor of the Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (HKBP), has served as a full-time pastor in the Gereja Kristen Indonesia Nederland (GKIN) and now teaches at Jakarta Theological Seminary. He has published several articles in international theological journals, and is editor of the theological journal Sola Experientia.
    Pages: 333  Size: 235x155mm 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - October   2012
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Philosophy : Theology : Indonesia
    List Price: 28.50 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 2
    Title: 8 of: 19
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    Title: High Technology Entrepreneurship
    Sub-title: A Festschrift for Ray Oakey
    Edited by: Peter van der Sijde PhD, Gary Cook, Ingrid Wakkee, Wim Durung, Ard Groen
    ISBN10-13: 9086596460 : 9789086596461
    Small high technology firms are a central element in technological innovation and economic growth. As such, they have attracted a lot of attention of scholars and practitioners. In the last 20 years Ray Oakey has become an undisputed authority in this field. This volume contains diverse contributions in terms of both the methodology applied, as well as the fields and countries investigated and the theoretical frameworks applied, reflecting the broad scope of Ray Oakey's thinking and writing.
    Table of Contents:
    About The Author:
    "After completing an MSc and PhD at the London School of Economics in 1978, Ray Oakey was appointed as research associate, and later senior research associate, at the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies at Newcastle University. In 1985, he obtained a lectureship in business organisation at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, where he was promoted to senior lecturer in 1988 and reader in 1991. He was appointed to a Chair in business development at Manchester Business School (MBS) in 1992. His research interests include the problems of innovation and growth in high technology industry in general, and high technology small firms in particular at both United Kingdom national and international scales. In 1995, he led a team of consultants in the Kingdom of Brunei to produce a national industrial development plan centered on high technology small firm growth.Professor Oakey has held a number of senior administrative roles at MBS including Director of the Business and Executive Development Centres, and Subject Area Group Head of Business Economics for most of the period from his appointment until the recent merger with UMIST. He is the founder of the international annual High Technology Small Firms Conference (begun in 1993) and the associated edited book series. Over the past ten years he has advised a number of prestigious national and international bodies on high technology small firms policy including the House of Lords, the Bank of England, the Department of Trade
    Pages: 202  Size: 240x170mm  Illustrations: b/w illus 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - June   2013
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Economics : Small businesses & self-employed : Technology: general issues
    List Price: 39.95 Pounds Sterling
    Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 3
    Title: 9 of: 19
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    Title: Honour Killings, Moral Panic and the Emergence of an Organizational Field
    Sub-title: A Case Study of the Processes, Actors and Actions Involved in the Emergence of an Issue-based Organizational Field
    By (author): Nicole Brenninkmeijer
    ISBN10-13: 9086597726 : 9789086597727
    At the beginning of the new millennium, honour-related violence was at the very forefront of public attention in the Netherlands. The emergence of the issue was facilitated by evolving discourses on multiculturalism and was driven by four events, the shootings of Kezban, Hassan, Zarife and Gül. This combination of processes contributed to a reconceptualization of domestic violence against migrant women into honour-related violence. Moreover, the extensive media coverage of these shootings contributed to a moral panic about this issue: honour killings were perceived as a sign of the failing integration of migrants. Together these processes provide an explanation for the widespread public attention for this issue and the emergence of an honour-related violence field. This case study illustrates that the emergence of an issue-based organizational field is a multi-layered process in which various actors, actions and processes come together and influence each other.
    Table of Contents:
    "Contents Prologue; Introduction; How to make sense of these activities; Institutional theory and organizational fields; Reintroducing Bourdieu into institutional theory; Central research questions; Outline; Part I Studying an organizational field; 1 Institutional theory’s pendulum swings; 1.1 In search of a balanced theory of action; 1.2 Swinging back and forth; 2 Bringing Bourdieu back into institutional theory; 2.1 Applying Bourdieu in a piecemeal fashion: a critique; 2.2 A theory of practice; Concluding remarks; 3 Methodological contemplations; 3.1 Bourdieu and the interpretive perspective; 3.2 Reconstructing the issue’s emergence; 3.3 An organizational field ethnography; 3.4 Reflection; Part II How honour-related violence became an issue within the Dutch public discourse; Introduction; Part II: theoretical underpinnings; Part II: outline; 4. Defining honour-related violence; 4.1 The emergence of a contested label; 4.2 Developing a new label: honour-related violence; 4.3 How these labels contributed to the emergence of a Dutch HRV field; 5 Honourkillings as field-configuring events; 5.1 Analysing field-configuring events; 5.2 How honour killings become critical events; 5.3 Discussion about the attribution of the “honour killing” label; 5.4 Disputes about the cultural background to honour killings; 5.5 How these events contributed to the emergence of a Dutch HRV field; 6. Changing macro-cultural discourses; 6.1 Multiculturalism and gender-inequality; 6.2 Social cohesion, national imaginaries and the creation of the other; 6.3 How the changes in macro-cultural discourses contributed to the emergence of a Dutch HRV field; 7. The moral panic driving the attention for honour killings; 7.1 Amplifying issue attention: the moral panic concept; 7.2 Honour killings, moral panic and the emergence of an issue-based field; 7.3 How the moral panic about honour killings contributed to the emergence of a Dutch HRV field; Part III State practices and emerging field configurations; Introduction; Bourdieu on state power; Part III: outline; 8. The political field as a field of struggle; 8.1 Field-configuring events with in the political field; 8.2 Accelerating the honour-related violence debate: Gül’smurder; 8.3 Developing a better understanding of the problem: two studies and a pilot; 8.4 Assigning honour-related violence “priority project status”; 8.5 Questioning the priority project’s adequacy; 8.6 Presenting the interministerial programme; 8.7 How these state practices contributed to the emergence of a Dutch HRV field; 9. Key actors and their capital; 9.1 Key actors and their roles within the emerging HRV field; 9.2 The agenda setters; 9.3 The experts; 9.4 The bridge builders; 9.5 The financiers; 9.6 The regular function; 9.7 Concluding remarks; 10. Discussions about the label of honour-related violence; 10.1 The Working Definition versus the Definition-in-use; 10.2 Moving beyond the definition; 10.3 Concluding remarks; 11. Collaborative practices within the HRV field; 11.1 Emerging field configurations: a schematic representation; 11.2 Collaborative practices between the state and umbrella organizations; 11.3 Collaborative practices between the state and local network partners; 11.4 Network collaboration within the HRV field; 11.5 Network partners and migrant organizations: lack of trust; 11.6 Concluding remarks; Conclusion and discussion; The emergence of the Dutch honour-related violence field; Field emergence: a multi-layered process; The three phases of issue-based field emergence; Critical preconditions for field emergence; Bringing Bourdieu back into institutional theory: an update; Bourdieu and the structure-agency dilemma; The added value of Bourdieu’s theory in practice; Updating Bourdieu’s framework with the addition of institutional concepts; Future research; Lessons for the public domain; Epilogue: Newsletter of the Platform for Honour and Freedom; References; Appendix 1: Occurrences of the “honour killing” and “honour-related violence” labels in the media and in politics; Appendix 2: Example from the matrix on Gül’s murder; Appendix 3: Observations; Appendix 4: Information on the respondents and their backgrounds; Appendix 5: Interview schedule; Summary ; Acknowledgments."
    About The Author:
    Nicole Brenninkmeijer was a Ph.D.-candidate in the Department of Organization Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Currently, she is a policy advisor at the Ministry of Justice and Security, The Hague.
    Pages: 281  Size: 240x170mm 
    PublishedVU University Press (NL) - January   2018
    Format: Paperback
    Subjects: Violence in society : Sociology
    List Price: 34.95 Pounds Sterling
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