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Title: Mahatma Letters to A P Sinnett (Facsimile of 1926)
Sub-title: 2nd Edition
By (author): A Trevor Barker
ISBN10-13: 0911500219 : 9780911500219
Format: Paperback
Size: 155x230mm
Pages: 590
Weight: .712 Kg.
Published: Theosophical University Press (US) - January   1994
List Price: 19.99 Pounds Sterling
Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock, more expected soon 
Subjects: Theosophy & Anthroposophy
No other book is quite like this private collection of letters. Preserved in the British Library, they were written between 1880 and 1884 to Alfred P Sinnett, editor of a leading Anglo-Indian newspaper, The Pioneer. His correspondents were two Mahatmas whom H P Blavatsky has acknowledged as her teachers and the inspirers of her Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. First published in 1923, this important volume is filled with sublime philosophical and ethical instruction, revealing not only far-reaching concepts of religious and scientific thought (since proven in large degree prophetic), but also practicality, warmth of heart, patience, and ripeness of humour. The letters, moreover, yield a clearer understanding of H P Blavatsky and of the Mahatmas' aim in fostering universal brotherhood.
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