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Title: The Making of a University
By (author): Professor John O'Connel
ISBN10-13: 1862180547 : 9781862180543
Illustrations: 15 colour & 96 b/w illus
Format: Hardback
Size: 305x215mm
Pages: 163
Weight: 1.065 Kg.
Published: University of Huddersfield Press - October   2016
List Price: 20.00 Pounds Sterling
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Subjects: Social & cultural history : Universities
This book is a record of the development of an institution with a remarkable history. Its foundations go back to the early part of the nineteenth century when the local Huddersfield community decided it wanted a place of learning to promote the education of the working classes. Since 1825 development has encompassed a mechanics institution, a female educational institute, a college of technology and a polytechnic, before becoming the University of Huddersfield we know today. The author, the late John O'Connell, was a Professor at Huddersfield and this book draws upon his research which now resides in the University archives.
Table of Contents:
List of plates ix, List of colour plates xi, Foreword xii, Preface xiii. Part 1: From Mechanics' Institution to Polytechnic, 1841-1970 1. The founding fathers, 1841-54 1, 2. The transition to Technical School, 1854-83 13, 3. The first age of technical education, 1884-1914:...25, a) the road to Municipalisation, 1884-1903; b) the pre-war Municipal Technical college, 1903-14. 4. war and peace, 1914-46:...41 a) The First World War and its aftermath, 1914-24; b)Between the wars, 1918-39; c)The Second World War, 1939-46. 5. The Scott Era, 1946-70:...55 a)A decade of uncertainty, 1946-56 b)The halting progression to Polytechnic status, 1956-70. Part ll: The Polytechnic of Huddersfield, 1970-1992, 6. The establishment of the Polytechnic and the merger with Holly Bank, 1970-74:...73 a)The establishment of the Polytechnic, 1970-72; b)The merger with Holly Bank and departments in flux, 1972-74. 7. Adjusting to Kirklees, and the crisis of 1979-81 (1974-81):...85 a)Adjusting to Kirklees, 1974-79; b)Mounting troubles and the crisis of 1979-81. 8. Roles, relationships and the road to independence, 1989-92:...107 a)Roles and relationships, 1982-89. b)Evolution and independance, 1985-89. 9. The Higher Education Corporation: Polytechnic to University, 1989-92:...135 a)Establishment of the Corporation, 1989-91; b)"A happy and successful year", 1991-92. Postscript...155. Appendix...157. Index...159.
About The Author:
John O'Connel is a late author and Professor who taught at the University of Huddersfield.
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