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Title: Drums and Bass
Sub-title: For tommorow's rhythm section
By (author): Paul A Francis
ISBN10-13: 1862181047 : 9781862181045
Illustrations: 2 colour & 1 b/w illus
Format: Mixed media
Size: 295x205mm
Pages: 42
Weight: .240 Kg.
Published: University of Huddersfield Press - January   2012
List Price: 15.00 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 6
Subjects: Musical scores, lyrics & libretti : Techniques of music / music tutorials
Performance and recital repertoire for tomorrow’s rhythm section. Comprising of original music for drummers and bass players, with fully annotated scores and CD backing tracks with and without click tracks. Ideal for the graduate level popular music performer, or for those just wanting a new and exciting musical challenge. Drum and Bass presents pieces that are of level 4 -6, and can be used in conjunction with diploma or undergraduate performance studies.
Table of Contents:
CD1; Douper Souper; Drums 1, Without drums, click 2, Without drums 3, Bass 4, Without bass, click 5, Without bass 6. Cubism; Drums 7, Without drums, click 8, without drums 9, bass 10, without bass, click 11, without bass 12. C's A Crowd; drums 13, without drums, click...14, without drums...15, bass...16, without bass, click...17, without bass...18. Moove the Groove; drums...19, without drums, click...20, without drums...21, nass...22, without bass, click...23, without bass...24. CD2; Marli's March; drums...1, without drums, click...2. Bacon and Sausage; bass...3, without bass, click...4. Acknowledgements......... Thanks goes to all those who have helped with the production of this publication.
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