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Title: I You He She It
Sub-title: Experiments in viewpoint, the Grist anthology 2017
Series: (Grist Anthology Series)
By (author): Dr. Simon Crump
ISBN10-13: 186218142X : 9781862181427
Illustrations: 2 colour & 6 b/w illus
Format: Paperback
Size: 195x130mm
Pages: 200
Weight: .238 Kg.
Published: University of Huddersfield Press - March   2017
List Price: 12.00 Pounds Sterling
Availability: In Stock   Qty Available: 65
Subjects: Poetry : Anthologies (non-poetry)
The latest Grist Anthology is an innovative blend of some of the most exciting and freshest voices in prose and poetry today. It features five sections written from five distinct narrative viewpoints.
Table of Contents:
"Editorial Team 1 I The Finest Cuts 5 Liam Brown At Last 14 Poppy Connor-Slater Greyhound 23 Matilde Christensen Lego Sword 32 Alexandra Davis Nyctophillia 34 Jennifer Gledhill Coping Mechanism 43 Tracy Fells You Running Naked On The Motorway 59 Wes Lee Space Diving 60 Olivia Randall vi What Is There To Say? 63 L.F. Roth Happy Birthday Pauly! 69 Andrew McDonnell The Imperative Mood 75 Claire Martin Salvage 86 Martin Nathan The Consultant 89 Jim Lewis He Martinís Sperm 97 Mark Kenny The Fear Of Your Own Reflection 101 Michael Hargreaves A Real Purple Patch 106 Russell Reader Lucky Dress 108 Jo Hiley Stirring Of The Wind 110 John Beresford Michael 38 112 Faye Chambers Cairo Salutes 117 John Rathbone Taylor She She 2 133 Ford Dagenham A Greyhound Pass 134 Erinna Mettler vii No Regrets 141 Gordon Williams For My Sins 151 Max Dunbar Mating Week 163 Ruby Cowling The Bright Room 170 by Anthony Watts It It 173 Gaia Holmes Concerning That Girl 176 P.R. Elephant 178 Ledlowe Guthrie The Man Who Dissappeared 179 Siobhan Donnelly The Iolaire 186 Aileen Shirra It 188 Shawni Dunne Tutorial 191 William Thirsk-Gaskill About the authors 193 About Grist 200 Acknowledgements 200"
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